Step 1 – How I Lost 70lbs in 14 months

I wasn’t feeling very good in July of 2014. I had lost some weight earlier that year by conventional dieting, but hit a plateau. When I talked to my doctor about it, the doctor suggested I go off the diet for a while. Well I did and I gained all the weight back and more! I was sitting at 296 pounds and felt terrible. I was taking pills for my high blood pressure and Type II Diabetes. I had every side effect these pills could you. Taking them for the rest of my life was not an option. I started looking around the internet for something, anything. I can’t remember how I first came across Dr. Alejandro Junger and his Clean Program, but I bought his books, Clean and Clean Gut and I actually read them! Basically, in a nut shell, they talked about how important a healthy gut is for your overall health. You eat garbage, you’re going to feel like garbage! I signed up, bought the Clean Gut program and began the process to clean and repair my gut.

Here’s the five major toxic triggers you eliminate from your diet:
1. Gluten
2. Dairy
3. Alcohol
4. Caffeine
5. Sugar

So you don’t eat these (and some other foods, there’s a list they give you) for 21 days! Then in the fourth week, you add back dairy, then gluten to see if you have a problem with these. I looked at those 5 things I had to eliminate and I thought it was going to be tough, especially with the pro football season starting up! But I did it! To me it actually was kind of easy because you start to feel better almost immediately and you want to keep that good feeling going!

Well that’s what you don’t eat, so what do you eat.
1. You start out the day with a protein shake for breakfast.
2. You eat a full sized dinner salad for lunch.
3. And then there’s another shake for dinner
You take supplements with each meal, a probiotic and a digestive enzyme. I also took something for blood sugar control and liver support. By the way, my blood sugars number were golden throughout this whole thing! The thing with the shakes is that they are easier for your system to digest, so you’re giving your gut a break to heal itself. Also, one of the most important parts of the whole thing is not eating anything at least for four hour before you go to bed. So, if you’re going to bed at 10pm, don’t eat after 6pm. And then don’t eat anything right away when you get up. Wait for at least 2 hours. This again helps your digestive system to rest and concentrate its efforts on repairing your gut. When people hear you’re doing a cleanse they immediately assume you’re sitting on the toilet all day long! But actually its just putting clean stuff in pushing the bad stuff out!

I felt absolutely fantastic after I did this and it helped me get in the right mindset to continue to get better and lose more weight.  I highly recommend the Clean Cleanse Program to start out. I did lose weight doing this, but I lost more on a continual basis by going Primal. More info on that in Step 2.
Salad with Sardines

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