Step 2 – How I lost 70lbs in 14 Months

OK, in Step 1 I explained how I fixed my gut to get myself ready to eat right for the rest of my life. As I was fixing my digestive system I noticed I wasn’t as bloated as before. I think this had something to do with the no gluten part of the eating plan. Although I don’t suffer from Celiac Disease per se, all of us are at some level intolerant of gluten. This intolerance causes systemic inflammation, and that causes the body to retain water. When I got rid of the inflammation I got rid of the excess water and my clothes suddenly felt a little looser on me! Also, before I started my gut cleanse I couldn’t stand the smell of bacon and was not able to eat it much. As a matter of fact, when my wife wanted bacon I would ask her to cook it outside on the grill side burner so I didn’t have to smell it in the house! I used to love bacon and it was killing me that I didn’t enjoy it anymore. And that’s not all! When I did eat bacon I would actually get nauseous which then caused my doctor to order an ultrasound of my gallbladder, pancreas and liver. I even had a biopsy of my liver. Everything came back negative. The doctor prescribed Omeprasole saying it would settle my stomach. I asked how long do I take this for, the response was “well, some people have to take it for the rest of their lives”! Kind of typical to cover up symptoms, and not really solve the problem. Well, I didn’t like that response and was determined more than ever to find a solution that didn’t involved drugs. I felt I was on the right track with fixing my gut and eating the right foods, because I was feeling so good. But I was looking for a long term solution and not eating dairy, gluten, caffeine, sugar and alcohol for the rest of my life did not sound too good at this point in time!

When I was nearing the end of my 21 day gut cleanse I asked one of the Cleanse support people (its a free service included with your purchase), “What do I do next, you know, when the 21 days are up?” And they said to check out Mark’s Daily Apple and The Primal Blueprint. And I did and I liked what I read there, so I bought all the books and read them all and a year later I went through Primal Certification and became a Primal coach!  That was kind of a quick jump through the whole thing and I really haven’t said anything about what it all entails, but let me just tell you what has happened to me during that time. The most important thing, I think, is I now I can eat a lot of bacon without any problems! Well, maybe that’s not the most important thing, but it is right up there! So let’s go through the other big things. I lost 70lbs! That’s an average of 5lbs a month for 14 months. I got off Omeprazole right away and the smell of bacon didn’t bother me anymore. I think fixing my gut had a lot to do with that. While you’re on the Cleanse, you don’t eat any pork. But when you go Primal you can eat pork and bacon and eggs is the Primal Breakfast of Champions! I also got off my high blood pressure medication and my Type II Diabetes medication. All under the supervision of my doctor (who is thrilled by the way) and with lots of blood tests!

So What Is Primal All About?

Basically, you eat like a caveman! Meat and vegetables. And you exercise like a caveman! Oh exercise, forget it, you say! But, its not that much exercise. You do exercises that use your own body weight, pull ups, push ups, squats and planks. No need for a gym membership. A plank is getting in a push up position and staying there for as long as you can. You only do these workouts 3 times a week. You run as fast as you can, sprint, just once every 7 to 10 days. And walk a lot. When I started this, I couldn’t run! With everything jiggling so much it was just too painful. I couldn’t do jumping jacks because of the same problem. I couldn’t do standard push ups. I started out doing wall push ups. I can now do inclined push ups. I still can’t do a pull up which is kind of a lifelong problem, but I have my pull up bar in my bathroom and I try. I use my legs to help, but I try. And that’s the point. Try. Do what you can! But do something. Get up and move! But guess what? Exercise will only account for 10 % of your success with the Primal lifestyle. 5% will be how well you sleep. Another 5% will be stress management. That leaves 80% and guess what that component is? THE FOOD YOU EAT! More on the food you eat in the next post.

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