Step 3 – 80% of your Success Will Be in the Food You Eat!

open faced omelet with smoked salmon, ccream cheese and avocadoprimal eats pyramid

Basically, you eat meat, fish, fowl, eggs and vegetables. Bacon and eggs, baby! The new breakfast of champions! And you have to try and eat the best quality food available that fits into your budget. That means organic, with organic and local the best. Farmer’s Markets are a great place to shop. Whole Foods is good and others like Sprouts are OK. Costco and Sam’s are increasing their offerings of organic products everyday. If none of these are available nearby, the online store Thrive Market is good because you can order online and have it delivered right to you door! When it comes to beef, grass fed is way better than corn fed. Corn is a grain. We don’t eat grains, so no corn and we don’t even eat animals that are fed corn! So a grass fed cow that is finished on corn is not the best, but it is better than a 100% corn fed cow. Cows/cattle have been around a long time and ate grass, not corn. Corn fed is a recent development by us to get cows fatter and to the market faster. But when they eat corn they get sick, then they need antibiotics, and we don’t want to eat any of that. I buy grass fed beef from a rancher just down the road from my restaurant called Tres Hermanas Ranch. I get eggs from pasture raised chickens from a dentist that lives down the street from my restaurant. My wife is an avid gardener. We go to Farmer’s Markets and shop at Whole Foods, Costco and Sam’s. We don’t eat 100% Primal all the time, especially when you go out to eat, but we make our best effort. If your going to eat some fruit, try and stick to berries. They are lower in sugar than other fruits. If I have “dessert” its usually strawberries and whipped heavy cream with no sugar. If I have a protein shake for breakfast, I might add some frozen blueberries to it. Costco sells a frozen bag of mixed organic berries that I occasionally buy.

What not to eat!
Don’t eat any grains or legumes, which includes wheat products and anything that contains gluten. Gluten is your enemy. It screws up the workings of your gut and can eventually cause a leaky gut. Stuff in you gut leaks into your blood stream causing inflammation and sickness! Not good. You may think, like I did, that gluten doesn’t bother me, but you will feel better if you stop eating it! Plus, gluten/wheat products turn into sugar in your system when metabolized by your body, you know, carbs. Excess carbs are stored as fat. You basically can’t eat anything that’s loaded with carbs. I try to keep my daily carbs consumption to around 50 grams. Soda is out. Beer is out. How about a lite beer. Beer is made with grains! No grains. No beer. Sugar is out. High fructose corn syrup is out. Not only is it sugar, its from a grain! If you’re going to eat yogurt, stick with high fat yogurt. Low fat, no fat yogurts are high in sugar and they have a lot of different gum additives to make them thick. Things like guar gum and xanthan gum are gums and gums gum up the works (your intestines!).

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