Salads Are Good!

I don’t eat bacon and eggs all the time. I do eat salads! Salads are fantastic, as long as you put some protein and fat on them! Some cheese, primal mayo or olive oil in your dressing, some chicken, salmon, sardines or dare I say, BACON AND EGGS! Store bought salad dressing are usually made with the wrong oil and have lots of additives in them. The right oil is olive oil or avocado oil. A lot of times its soybean oil, or canola oil or corn oil, etc, etc. Its better to make your own dressing. That way you can control your own destiny! To save a step, I use Primal Kitchen Mayo to make my own creamy dressings. You get the best price from Thrive Market online and they deliver right to your door! Take a look at some of the delicious salads I enjoy!

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