Announcing the Fantastic Adventures of Captain Keto!

My mission is to explore new worlds of health and boldly go where quite a few people have gone actually, but I’ve never been there! Well, briefly anyway. And that’s the world is Ketosis! The plan is to eat 70% fat, 20-25% protein and 510% carbs. High fat and low carbs, less than 50g of carbs a day and hopefully that will bring me into ketosis. I’ve been eating Primal for about a year and a half now going very low on the carbs and drifting in and out of ketosis. But it was always hit or miss. I want to take a more scientific approach and get in to ketosis, stay there and know how I got there and how to stay there.

My interest in getting into a ketogenic state is to burn fat for energy instead of glucose. That would be dietary fat and, more importantly, the fat on my body. In the year and a half I’ve been eating primal, I’ve lost 70 pounds and gotten off my high blood pressure and Type II Diabetes medications. I feel great, but I still have a lot of body fat on me, around the midsection. Damn belly fat! I want to get rid of that fat and replace it with some muscle. So, my weight may not change much more and that’s OK. I just want to get rid of the fat and get those ketones coursing through my veins.

So I’m planning on doing this experiment for 90 days! I’ve got or am getting all the gadgets. I have a fibit to tell me about my workouts and sleep patterns. I’ve ordered a bioelectical impedance scale to measure not only my weight, but also my body fat, BMI, visceral fat and tell me how young (or old) my body is compared to my actual age. I’m also getting a tape measure gadget that will let me measure the circumference of my legs, arms and waist. I know I can do that with a simple tape measure, but with this device I can measure with one hand and it should give me more consistent readings. And I also have a blood glucose test meter that also tests for ketones in the blood too!

So I plan to make journal entries every day for 90 days. Whew! But first I have to lay down the parameters of this experiment, take baseline measurements and get all my gadgets. I’m already eating Primal and reducing those carbs. I’m already exercising. Hey, here’s an idea, come along for the ride!

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