Captain Keto’s Adventure – Experiment #1


  • Want to get into Ketosis and stay there!


  • Will help me lose my belly fat and when I’m powered by ketones I will also get my blood sugar numbers more perfect than they already are!


  1. Food – got to eat right! 70% fat, 20% protein, max 10% carbs
  2. Exercise – Strength training, burn glycogen
  3. Sleep – Got to get good sleep
  4. Sun – get vitamin D, if no sun, take supplement


  1. Test blood sugar several times a day
  2. Test blood ketones, strips are expensive ($2 each!), so will test when blood sugar is low
  3. Test for body fat, visceral fat, BMI, weight with new bioelectrical impedance scale
  4. Check body part circumferences
  5. Record PEM workouts, walking workouts with FitBit
  6. Record food macros, going to create several go to meals, so I know ahead what the macros are


  • Do not want to lose focus. Getting through the holidays and the rest of the football season is going to be tough.
  • Loosing my two 20 year old cats this year to various illnesses is also distracting.

Baseline Measurements:

  1. Neck 17.1
  2. Shoulders 46.8
  3. Bicep 12.9
  4. Chest 42.3
  5. Waist 41.4
  6. Hips 41.6
  7. Thigh 20.8
  8. Calf 15.8
  9. Blood Sugar 8:50am 122
  10. Ketones .9 – already producing ketones! I’ve been eating really low carb for two days now!
  11. I’m going to track BMI and other fat and muscle numbers in experiment #2


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