Captain Keto’s Log – Day 5, Surf and Turf!


Summary 12/21/15

  • Comments: Enjoyed the food! Who doesn’t like Lobster and Prime Rib with Asparagus and lots of butter? My first meal of the day was Sauteed Prosciutto with peppers, Onions and tomatoes with two fries eggs. And that wasn’t bad either! Plus I lost some weight! Lots of energy, two workouts, cleaning at the restaurant and putting shelves together at the house.
  • Tomorrow: Back to work!
  • This week: Going very good.
  • This Month: Good
  • Wins: Eating right, ketones, exercising
  • Challenges: Play, sun
  • One word: Tasty
  • Overall Success Score: 9

The Daily Numbers

  • SCORE – Energy: 10  “Big M”: 10  Health: 10  Mood: 10  Stress: low
  • DATA – Weight: 226.6     Fat %:  22.8       Blood Sugar: 117 110 130         Ketones: 1.6
  • MACRO NUTRIENT CALCULATIONS – Fat:         Protein:           Carbs:          Calories:


  • BPC and more coffee
  • Meal #1 – 1pm, sauteed prosciutto, peppers, onion, tomatoes and 2 fried eggs
  • Meal #2 – 6:30pm, Surf and Turf, Lobster and Blackened Prime Rib and Asparagus, extra butter
  • Meal #3 –
  • Snack 1 – 7 macadamia nuts, kombucha
  • Snack 2 –


  • Not really hungry that much all day, but was ready to chow down when I did

Primal Lifestyle, Overall Success Rating 7

  • Sleep (1-10): 6, No leg craps at all last night, but the new cats bothered me all night
  • Sun (1-10): 8, Comments: Took a pill
  • Play (1-10): 1, didn’t play
  • Brain (1-10): 7, put together shelves
  • Move (1-10): 10, moved all day, walk, clean restaurant, put together shelves, almost 15,000 teps


  • Feeling good, the cats are helping!

Exercise      Success Score: 8         Effort Score: 8

Workout 1: Long walk around the neighborhood, 74 mins, the PEMs

  • push ups, set 1 – 17, set 2 -10
  • squats, set 1 – 15, set 2 – 11, right knee hurting
  • pull ups, set 1 – 10, set 2 – 10
  • plank set 1 – 60 sec, set 2 – 60 sec

Workout 2: cleaning the restaurant, putting together shelves

Comments: before dinner my BS was 110 and ketones were 1.6, very good!



  1. Captain Keto! The log tracking is awesome. You’re going to have a well detailed log to fall back on if needed. Interesting about the leg cramps. I had them last summer and couldn’t seem to get rid of them and yours are gone in a couple of days. Have you figured out if it was the socks that did it? Surprised a bit too that you’re challenged in getting some sun. Keep up the great work!

    Congrats on the kitties! 🙂

    • Thanks Ed! I write in my book journal all day, then take that and re-write it to a blog post that night or early the next day. I am not going to wear the compression socks today and I’ll see what happens. So many variables to keep track of! As far as the sun goes, I’m 4000 feet up and its quite cool here. Last week it was in the 20s when I woke up, this week so far its in the 30s and overcast. So, believe it or not, where I’m at in Arizona, sun is a challenge in the winter. If its not cloudy, it may be too cold to sit in the sun!

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