Captain Keto’s Log – Star Date 12.23.15 – Blood sugar roller coaster!


Summary 12/23/15

  • Comments: Pictured above is my only “meal” of the day but without the bacon jam (old pic). I kind of snacked the rest of the day. And maybe that was part of my blood sugar roller coaster for the day. The good news is I ended up the day with a blood sugar reading of 125 and ketones at 1.5 which I was pleasantly surprised by! Tomorrow I will strive to eat a couple bigger meals and do less snacking eating. I don’t plan to eat any foods that have carbs in them like yogurt or my protein powder. Just going to go with prepared fresh foods. It would be nice if I could get up earlier and start the day with a nice long walk!? We’ll see
  • Tomorrow: Get up early and go for a long walk. Christmas Eve, we’ll be busy at work!
  • This week: Going pretty good.
  • This Month: Good
  • Wins: Eating right except for today, ketones, exercising
  • Challenges: Keeping my blood sugar low, but ended up not too bad!
  • One word: falter
  • Overall Success Score: 6

The Daily Numbers

  • SCORE – Energy: 8  “Big M”: 9  Health: 7  Mood: 9  Stress: 6
  • DATA – Weight: 226.6     Fat %:  20.6       Blood Sugar: 160  125        Ketones: 1.5
  • MACRO NUTRIENT CALCULATIONS – Fat:         Protein:           Carbs:          Calories:


  • Meal #1 – 11am, 3 scrambled eggs with cream cheese and chives cooked in coconut oil and butter. Took supplements. Did not have bacon today!
  • Meal #2 –
  • Meal #3 –
  • Snack 1 – 11:30am, 4 tbls of yogurt from grass fed cows
  • Snack 2 – 12:30pm, had some tomato soup, 3 tbl of chicken taco mixture, 1 tbl of pulled pork fat
  • Drink – I had 3 cold coffees with a tsp of agave nectar in each one! sugar! My blood sugar was 160 at this point, so I figured why not. By the time I got home from work, around 9:30pm, it was at 125 and ketones were 1.5, so all good!
  • Snack 3 – 5pm, 2 handfuls of sprouted pumpkin seeds
  • Snack 4 – 5:40pm, piece of cheddar cheese


  • Didn’t take blood sugar or ketones this morning. Have to do that first thing.

Primal Lifestyle, Overall Success Rating 7

  • Sleep (1-10): 7, No leg craps at all last night, I didn’t wear the compression socks just to check out the cramp situation. If I have cramps tonight, I’m never taking off those compression socks!
  • Sun (1-10): 8, Comments: Took a pill
  • Play (1-10): 1, didn’t play
  • Brain (1-10): 8, work always gets the brain going
  • Move (1-10): 10, Walk in the morning, walk in the afternoon, and stepping at work. Over 10,000 steps by 6pm


  • BS was high, so I used that as an excuse to have 3 cold coffees with agave nectar. But I thought my bs would be sky high when I got home, but it wasn’t, just 125.

Exercise      Success Score:    8      Effort Score:  8

Workout 1: Up and over walk, 37 min

Workout 2: 15 min walk in the parking lot at work between lunch and dinner shifts

Comments: Tried to do a slower pace to stay in fat burning zone, but still went cardio. Maybe I have the heart rate zones set up wrong on my fitbit? Ended up with over 12,000 steps for the day. Keep it moving!

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