Captain Keto Has Returned! I was abducted by Aliens!


Summary 1/1/16

  • Comments: Not really abducted by aliens, but it felt like it! Had a pain in my throat and neck area on the right side and a little bit down in to my chest. Tried to get in to see a doctor, but nothing available until the second week of January! In the meantime, I’ve given up the coffee and eating less acidic things. Feeling better. I think it has something to do with acid reflux. I had that problem big time before I started eating primal, but now  I think I had just started to get carried away with the coffee. If it was acid reflux, it was really not noticeable. A year and a have ago I would actual be in bed and feel a squirt of acid stomach go into my throat and make me choke. I haven’t felt that this time around, but the pain in the throat is similar. I also had to spend a lot of time working the New Year’s Eve thing at the restaurant, so that took a couple of days. Anyway, I’m back!
  • Tomorrow: Get back in to logging!
  • This week: OK!
  • This Month: It’s been good!
  • Wins: Eating perfect!
  • Challenges: Pain in the neck!
  • One word: Carrots
  • Overall Success Score: 6

The Daily Numbers

  • SCORE – Energy: 6  “Big M”: 8  Health: 6  Mood: 5  Stress: 2
  • DATA – Weight: ?     Fat %:  ?       Blood Sugar:  110  127        Ketones: .9   1.0
  • MACRO NUTRIENT CALCULATIONS – Fat:         Protein:           Carbs:          Calories:


  • Protein shake with fresh carrot, apple, celery juice and coconut milk. Tasted good and I thought it might be too sweet and get me out of ketosis, but afterwards I checked and my blood sugar did go up from 110 to 129, but my ketones also went up from .9 to 1.0. So good!
  • Meal #1 – Had a salad with HBE, bacon and bleu cheese
  • Meal #2 – Braised red cabbage and sausage. Something bad in this meal. My eyes were itching like mad and I had to take an allergy pill. Something in the smoked sausage or maybe the Mrs. Dash seasoning I put on the cabbage. Will have to investigate.
  • Meal #3 –
  • Snack 1 – Two dill pickle spears
  • Snack 2 –


  • The pain in my neck/throat had me really scared. Its settle down now, but am still anxious. Can’t wait to get in to see the doctor. But I’ll probably hear its my sinuses leaking in to my throat.

Primal Lifestyle, Overall Success Rating 8

  • Sleep (1-10): 9, slept good and long, no fitbit data though, charging
  • Sun (1-10): 10, actually got some real sun and took a pill
  • Play (1-10): 1, no play, just relaxed
  • Brain (1-10): 6, did some thinking about a food truck idea
  • Move (1-10): 8, walk and swim


  • Avoiding coffee and other acidic things. Eating a little more veggies than meat.

Exercise      Success Score:  9        Effort Score: 9

  • Workout 1: Walk around town, 72 min
  • Workout 2: 15 min in the pool
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