Captain Keto, Why I do this, little steps, big successes!


Did you ever play golf? I use to and I was terrible at it. I never broke 100 for an 18 hole golf course! But I would have moments of glory on one or two holes and that’s what kept me coming back again and again. The hope of stringing 18 moments of glory together and at least go par for the course! Never happened and since I’ve got in the restaurant business, I don’t have much time to golf and what free time I have I use to do more calorie burning activities (I have a lot of calories stored up).

So in my Ketosis journey I had one of those little moments of glory that is going to spur me on to continue this journey. I bought a bioelectric impedance scale last month that not only keeps track of your weight, it also keeps track of your BMI, body fat, skeletal muscle and visceral fat. After it looks at these various numbers it puts together a “body age” number and tells you “how old” your body is which you use to compare to your actual age. So I’m 63. I would like that reading to be less than 63, but guess what? It came back 80. That’s right! I’ve got the body of an 80 year old and I guess that’s from too much fat around my midsection and organs (visceral fat). And this is after I’ve lost 70 pounds! I would have liked to see the numbers if I stepped on this scale back then. It probably would have said DOA! Anyway to check to see if there was an error of some sorts, I had my wife use the scale. All her numbers came up in the normal range and her body age was 40! Not bad! I’m an 80 year old guy with a 40 year old wife! Yeah baby!

So what’s my moment of glory? On the 17th day of this journey, here’s my little moment of glory. The scale said my body age was 79. Progress! Let’s keep going!

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