Captain Keto’s Log – Day 16, Eating Good in the Neighborhood!


Summary 1/3/16

  • Comments: Yep, had some Surf and Turf for dinner, a salad before that, an omelet for lunch and a protein shake for dinne. I finished the day off with a strawberry smoothie made with heavy cream, coconut milk and almonds. Not sweet, but still tasty! I’ve been cutting way down on the coffee and my throat feels a lot better. Was it the acidic coffee and maybe some acid reflux that I wasn’t aware of? I don’t know for sure. I guess I’ll see what the doctor’s say next week. Itchy eyes and runny nose after dinner for the second night in a row. Don’t know if its something I’m eating or if its the new cats? Took a pill. Still sniffling.
  • Tomorrow: Clean at the restaurant. Maybe walk later.
  • This week: Good
  • This Month: Good
  • Wins: Eating perfect! Exercising, losing some weight!
  • Challenges: Tracking macros.
  • One word: sated
  • Overall Success Score: 9

The Daily Numbers

  • SCORE – Energy: 9  “Big M”: 10  Health: 7  Mood: 8  Stress: low
  • DATA – Weight: 227.2     Fat %:  ?       Blood Sugar:  122  120        Ketones: .2
  • MACRO NUTRIENT CALCULATIONS – Fat:         Protein:           Carbs:          Calories:


  • BPC, Bullet Proof Coffee (coffee with coconut oil, butter, collagen and heavy cream, buzzed in a Nutri Bullet)
  • Meal #1 – Protein shake with fresh chunks of carrot, apple and celery, kombucha and coconut milk, hemp hearts,  coconut milk (nutri Bullet)
  • Meal #2 – 2 egg cheese omelet and an avocado
  • Meal #2 – Salad with raw bleu cheese
  • Meal #3 – Surf and Turf, 3oz flat iron steak, 6 oz lobster tail, butter, sauteed yellow pepper
  • Snack 1 – Actually dessert, strawberry smoothie with heavy cream, coconut milk, almonds and hemp hearts
  • Snack 2 –


  • Eating perfect and exercising, but no ketones when I checked!

Primal Lifestyle, Overall Success Rating 9

  • Sleep (1-10): 19, good sleep, no cramps
  • Sun (1-10): 10, actually got some real sun and took a pill
  • Play (1-10): 8, bike, swim, basketball, walk
  • Brain (1-10): 6, not much thinking
  • Move (1-10): 10, lots!


  • Throat and neck are settling down, but there’s still some pain every now and then.

Exercise      Success Score:  10        Effort Score: 10

  • Workout 1: Walk around town, 72 min
  • Workout 2: Sprints on the bike, 6 sprints. Then planks, 90 sec, and 60 sec
  • Workout 3: 10 min with the kettlebell
  • Workout 4: 15 min in the pool
  • Comments: Got 20 min of actual sun before the pool. Was dribbling the basketball for a while.

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