Captain’s Log – Day 17 – Success, I’m getting younger!


Captain Keto Summary 1/4/16

  • Comments: After I weighed in this morning my bioelectric impedance scale says my body age is now 79! Down from 80, so I’m getting younger! Yeah baby! Feeling real good, but drank too much coffee today! No more for the rest of the week.
  • Tomorrow: Back to work! Rest day, so no planned workouts
  • This week: Good, but no coffee
  • This Month: Good
  • Wins: Eating perfect!
  • Challenges: Tracking macros.
  • One word: younger!
  • Overall Success Score: 9

The Daily Numbers

  • SCORE – Energy: 9  “Big M”: 9  Health: 7  Mood: 8  Stress: low
  • DATA – Weight: 226.0     Fat %: BMI 28.2 Body Fat 21.1       Blood Sugar:  122        Ketones: .9
  • MACRO NUTRIENT CALCULATIONS – Fat:         Protein:           Carbs:          Calories:

What did I eat and drink today:

  • Glass of apple cider mixed with my home brew kombucha
  • Bullet Proof and a pot of coffee
  • Protein shake with fresh chunks of carrot, apple and celery, kombucha and coconut milk, hemp hearts,  coconut milk (nutri Bullet)
  • More coffee at work, couple glasses of water
  • Egg sandwich on an oopsie roll
  • Piece of quiche, didn’t eat crust
  • 4 tbls of raw sprouted pumpkin seed
  • Small salad with grated cheddar, pumpkin seeds and ranch dressing, pickle spear
  • Braised red cabbage and sausage with mustard and sour cream

Comments: Boy that was a lot of coffee. Ate too much!

Primal Lifestyle, Overall Success Rating 7

  • Sleep (1-10): 10, good sleep, slept late, no cramps
  • Sun (1-10): 10, no sun, took 2 pills
  • Play (1-10): 5, just played with the cats
  • Brain (1-10): 5, thinking…
  • Move (1-10): 6, one walk, cleaning at work

Personal Comments:

  • Feeling real good, throat is still sore a bit. Eating perfect. Got some ketones going.

Exercise      Success Score:  10        Effort Score: 10

  • Workout 1: Up and over walk, 37 mins
  • Workout 2: Cleaning at the restaurant, 2 hours
  • Workout 3:
  • Workout 4:
  • Comments: No comment!

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