Daily Activity Log

No Beef, No Pork, No Dairy, No Caffeine, No Alcohol and NO SUGAR

Wed, 2/10/16 Start of the 21 day cleanse with Dr. Mowll
8am weight 232, bs 173, MBMI 29.2, body fat 9.1%, muscle 40.7%, RM 1982, visceral fat 5
8:45am, protein shake with avocado, coconut milk and water, took supplements fish oil, Vit D, Probiotic
go to work
Ate a piece of cauliflower, taste of lentil salad
11am, bs 157
2pm, ate some roast duck, chicken wings and cauliflower
2 tastes of cole slaw
3pm, bs 160
4:45pm, 2 fried eggs with cauliflower
some pumpkin seeds
9:45pm, bs 131
12am, bs 126

Thu, Day 2 of Cleanse
8am, bs 156
8:30am, swim for 15 min, walk for 40 min
9:30am, Shake with berries and romaine
10am, bs 195, took a glipizide
11:30am, bs 99, ate 2 eggs and cauliflower
11:45am, bs 81, not feeling too good, so I drank some apple cider
11:55am, bs 117, feeling ok
2:30pm, walk in the parking lot for 15 min
3pm, Snack of macadamia nuts and a few bites of my homemade kimchi,
3:40pm, bs 111
5pm, fish, cauliflower and more kimchi

Fri, Day 3 of Cleanse
8am, bs 133
Walk 70 min
9:50am, Shake with berries and coconut milk
10am, bs 126
parking lot walk
3:15pm, 3 eggs, cauliflower and kimchi
3:30pm bs 123
7pm had some macadamia nuts

Sat, Day 4 of Cleanse
8am, bs 112 that’s right out of bed, then I went swimming for 15 min
8:30am, bs 138, Ketones 1.4 WHY DID MY BS GO UP AFTER SWIMMING?
9:45am, bs 123
9:46am, shake with carrot, coconut milk, romaine, clery, mct oil, collagen, cinnamon
10am, 20 min of sun, then 15 min of vigorous swimming
2pm, 3 eggs and jalapenos
7:30pm, small salad with coconut aminos, tamari and avocado oil

Sun, Day 5 of Cleanse
8:40am bs 141
8:45, 41 min walk
10:15am Shake with 1/4 avocado, romaine, carrot, celery, berries, coconut milk, cinnamon, collagen, water
10:25am bs 120
10:30am, 20 min of sun
go to work, its Valentines Day!
1pm, salad with hbe, pumpkin seeds, greens, carrot, tomato, red onion, and primal mayo dressing
8pm, Ate lobster and mussels in coconut oil

Mon, Day 6 of Cleanse
8:15am, 15 min swim
8:50am bs 126, Ketones 1.2
9am, Shake with romaine, avocado, coconut milk, collagen, carrot, celery
Go to work and clean
12pm, Mussels and Lobster in coconut oil
12:30pm, Missed call with Dr. Mowll, I had it down for 1:30pm. Did they spring ahead? We don’t spring ahead in Arizona!
3:30pm, 30 min vigorous swimming
4:20pm, bs 116 ketones 1.1
6pm Roasted chicken and garlic with asparagus

Tue, Day 7 of Cleanse
7:30am, bs 95 Wow!
7:35am 15 min swim
8:00am bs 125, Ketones 1.0
8:15am ate a handful of almonds
8:30am went for a 70 min walk
9:45am bs 138 blood sugar still going up. I thought that exercise would bring blood sugar down. What am I missing?
10am got 20 mins of sun
10:30am Protein shake with carrot, romaine, avocado, coconut yogurt and milk, my kombucha, cinnamon and collagen – delicious!
2pm salad with chicken and hbe
4:15pm bs 144
7:45pm Had 2 duck leg and thighs with duck stock reduction and broccoli. My last dinner for a week! Protein shakes now twice a day!

Wed, Day 8 of Cleanse
8am bs 115, I’ll take that! Went back to bed
8:30am bs 118, uh oh, its going up and I didn’t even do anything
8:35am Sat in the hot tub for 5 minutes outside in the sun
8:50 bs 129 ketones 1.2 Well blood sugar is going up and I didn’t do any kind of exercising! Is it going up because of cortisol, serotonin?
9am Protein smoothie with carrot, romaine, green banana, collagen, cinnamon, kombucha, coconut milk
1:30pm salad with chicken, shrimp and hbe
1:40 1/4 of an avocado
1:45pm 15 min walk in parking lot
2:15 brasil nuts and one broccoli floret
2:35pm bs 130
4:45pm Had my second shake of the day with avocado, spinach, coconut milk
9pm bs 128 ketones 1.2
This is a post I wrote on my Primal Challenge site. It may not be on this exact day, but it was during the time I was drinking two shakes a day.
I feel great! Tons of energy today. I’m doing another 21 day challenge in conjunction with this one. The other is a pretty much fix the gut to make me less insulin resistant challenge. There’s no beef, pork or dairy, but other than that I’m still eating primal. Right now I’m eating 2 protein shakes a day and eating a regular lunch. The biggest thing is not eating dairy plus no snacking! I think my carbs went so low I had the carb flu for a while! I’m in ketosis all the time and I’ve lost 10 pounds in the past 2 weeks! Tons of energy! All I need is some good sleep!

Thu, Day 9 of Cleanse
Going to stop taking magnesium to see if it helps clear up my leg and feet problems
7am, bs 115
8am, swim 20 mins, bicycle 28 mins, feeling a little light headed after exercise
9:19am bs 148, ketones .9
1:30pm chiken taco on paleo coconut wrap and some kimchi
5pm Shake
11:30pm bs 98

Fri, Day 10 of Cleanse
Legs feel better, stopped taking magnesium
7:30am bs 115
8am 71 min walk around town
10am bs 148
10:05 shake with avocado, coconut milk, kombucha, romaine, carrot, celery
1:30pm had a grilled chicken breast with kimchi and broccoli and a couple spoonfuls of coconut oil
11:30pm bs 128
5pm Second shake

Sat, Day 11 of Cleanse
Legs feeling even better, stopped taking magnesium
7:30am bs 111
went back to bed, did no exercising
8:18am bs 124, how about that my blood sugar goes up with the sunlight! ketones .9
8:20am 15 min swim
8:45am 71 min walk around town, then a PEM workout
10:53am bs 126
11am had a bullet proof dairy free coffee, then my protein shake
11:30am 20 min of sun, then another 15 min in the pool, then another 20 min of sun
2pm 3 egg omelet with spinach and a little broccoli
3:30pm bs 123
7pm Had my shake with avocado and kombucha, coconut milk too
10pm took a relora pill, thought this pill would tone down my adrenal system and lower my fasting blood sugar, but got massive leg cramps in the night instead!

Sun, Day 12 of Cleanse
1:46am bs 115, ate a banana and drank a lot of water for leg cramps
2:21am still getting leg cramps, but not as bad, bs 128
8:30am bs 117, swam 15 min, going for a walk
11:07am just got back from 85 min walk, gonna settle down and have my shake
11:40am Just finished my shake with a green banana and some berries and kombucha, took 2 colon cleanse pills
3:10pm bs 131
5pm, had lunch, grilled chicken with roasted peppers and a small salad
6:30pm, had my second shake

Mon, Day 13 of Cleanse
8:11am bs 124,
1pm Finally had my breakfast shake, busy day
3pm, had some shrimp and half an avocado
3:30pm had a small salad with hbe
5:37pm bs 127
6pm had my 2nd shake

Tue, Day 14 of Cleanse
8:11am got up and in the pool for 15 min
9:30am bs 150, what’s up with that?!
10:15am shake with kombucha, green banana, greens, cinnamon, coconut milk
11:20 bs 145
1pm ate chicken breast with asparagus, avocado and raw sauerkraut. Used avocado oil
1:40pm bs 110
5pm second shake

Wed, Day 15 of Cleanse
I must have had a morning shake!
1:30pm lunch brussel sprouts, 2 hbe, sauerkraut
4:30pm dinner 3 eggs with roasted tomatoes and avocado
5:15 bs 140
8:15pm 3 handfuls of pumpkin seeds

Thu, Day 16 of Cleanse
7:30am shake, no exercise, 5 min hot tub before shake
9:30am bs 175
10am clean back wall on restaurant, 45 min
12:30pm bs 117
1:40pm shrimp salad atop avocado with some taco sauce
2:15 15 min walk in parking lot
5:pm 3 fried eggs and half an avocado
7pm bs 117
9pm ate 3 handfuls of pumpkin seeds

Fri, Day 17 of Cleanse
had throat pain during the night. I’ve eaten pumpkin seeds after 8pm. Could that be the problem? Eating something that late? Or is it because I didn’t have the second shake for dinner? Going to try having a second shake for dinner tonight.
8:15am swim 15 min
8:30am bs 131
8:35am walk for 40 mins
9:30am shake with berries, cinanmon, coconut milk, kombucha, chia seeds, hemp hearts, romaine
10am bs 159
1:30pm ate some chicken, avocado and taco filling mixture
2pm bs 117
4pm bs 117
6pm had a small shake, then some shrimp taco mixture, ate some macadamias, had a tbl of ice cream (taste), had some onion straws
11:45pm bs 118

Sat, Day 18 of Cleanse
12am bs 118
7am bs 111 ketones .7
8am swim 15 min, walk 71 min
10am bs115 ketones 1.4
Everything is looking great, but I have to cheat! Ate 1 piece of butter, and about 5 tbls of heavy cream in my coffee
Really felt like not much was moving through me, so I resorted to my rocket fuel formula!
10am a glass of apple cider, bpc with mct oil, butter and cream, sorry, 5 cups of coffee with cream sorry, lots of water
10:30am start of the BMs! thank god!
11:15am MBs are pretty much over, feeling a lot lighter!
11:36am bs 98 ketones 1.2 still good, great even considering!
11:40am shake with romaine, coconut milk and yogurt (1 tbl), fresh raspberries and blueberries, kombucha, cinnamon,
2pm eat 3 eggs fried in coconut oil and avocado oil with half of an avocado
4pm bs 97, feeling a little funky, so I ate a couple pieces of chocolate
6pm shake

Sun, Day 19 of Cleanse
7am bs 112
8:30am had my shake BEFORE I went for a walk (when I do fasted walks, am I eating up my muscle protein? See more in questions post)
8:35 74 min walk around town
10:30am bs 149, ketones .7
11am had 3 eggs and a coconut flour muffin for breakfast
11:30am 20 min of sun, 15 min swim then a 35 min up and over hike
1pm had a small shake with apple, romaine, kombucha, coconut milk
2pm Weighed myself. In at 221 pounds! That’s an 11 pound loss since day 1, yeah baby!
2:30pm eat some almonds
2:36pm bs 148
3:00pm got some sun, vitamin d good, swam again
3:10 small salad, bs 128
4pm went for another 70 min walk
6:50pm bs 107
6:53pm Eat roasted chicken and broccoli

Mon, Day 20 of Cleanse
7am bs 105 ketones .7, weight was 220.8 which is great, almost in the teens, haven’t been there in a long, long time, talking the 80s!
7:30am Had my shake with romaine, carrot, celery, kombucha, coconut milk, cinnamon
8:05am bs 150
2pm had a kale salad with primal mayo dressing (the mayo is made with pastured eggs and avocado oil, good stuff!)
6pm Went out to dinner with friends! Uh oh! Started out with shrimp cocktail. That was a good start but it was all downhill from there! Had 2 drinks! That’s right alcohol! Sorry! Had another kale salad. This one had tiny bits of goat’s cheese in it, so not much cheese. But the dressing tasted sweet. Had blackened swordfish for dinner with no potatoes, extra veggies. The swordfish was topped with fried calamari. So fried in bad oil and breading, so gluten! Just a little though. And then there was dessert! I shared with my wife. Pear poached in red wine. There was a scoop of ice cream and some whipped crem involved. So the only “healthy” part was the pear!
9pm As we watched 2 hours of the Voice, I shared a bowl of popcorn with my wife. At least there was Coconut oil on the popcorn!
OK, enough of the cheating!
10pm bs 145, not bad considering
This was my call day and when I found out I was going to keep doing the shakes and stuff I kind of got a little deflated. I didn’t know what to expect, but its hard not to eat all the primal things I’ve been used to. So I kid of cheated and snacked a little bit the next few days. Plus I slowed down in journaling.

Tue, Day 21 of Cleanse
8:30am walked to 9am appointment, then walked back home
10am Shake with romaine, carrot, celery, avocado, cinnamon,
11:30am bs 162
Ate a variety of cooked veggies for lunch
6pm had some smoked roasted chicken and broccoli for dinner

Wed, Day 22
7am bs 121
7:30am drank shake
8:33am bs 197
2 eggs
11:55am bs 142
2pm lamb chops and asparagus for lunch
5pm bits of chicken and some veggies for dinner

Thu, Day 23
7am bs 137
7:30am drank shake
9:43am bs 140
chicken tacos on romaine leaves

Fri, Day 24
7am bs 119
7:30am drank shake
8am bs 195
grilled chicken with taco sauce and broccoli
tomato soup with pumpkin seeds
veggies with butter
10:53pm 126

Sat, Day 25
8am bs 131
drank shake
eggs and veggies for lunch
1:57pm bs 140
burger, no cheese, no bun, felt terrible afterwards, not a grass fed burger

Sun, Day 26
12:15am bs 124 ket 2.1 wow! after Saturday Night Live
walk around the national forest
11am bs 111 ket .6
apple cider and bpc
coffee and cream
2pm ate the insides of a sandwich which included some fresh mozzarella
6pm local grass fed beef rib eye with carrots and butter
7:29pm bs 135

Mon, Day 27
7am bs
7:30am drank shake
8am bs

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. Here’s my bs from most recent to oldest

3/14, 7:44am 146 Day 34
3/13, 4:38pm 135 33 Sunday
3/13, 2:59pm 126
3/13, 10:58am 127
3/13, 8:39am 149
3/13, 12:31am 141
3/12, 10:49am 123 32
3/11, 7:56am 150 31
3/10, 11:57pm 138 30
3/10, 10:20am 144
3/10, 9:24am 154
3/10, 7:51am 148
3/10, 1am 142
3/09, 10:45am 99 29
3/09, 12:47am 140
3/08, 8:57am 146 28
3/07, 11:03pm 150 27 Monday
3/07, 7:01am 152
3/07, 3:54pm 103
3/07, 7:44am 144
3/06, 7:29pm 135 26 Sunday
3/06, 10:59am 111
3/06, 12:15am 124 ketones 2.1 wow! highest ever
3/05, 1:57pm 140 25 Saturday
3/05 8:14am 131

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