Doing a Gut Cleanse, Here’s What I’m Eating

eggs with jalapenos

eggs with jalapenos

My blood sugar has been great since I’ve gone Primal, but it could be better. So I signed up with Dr. Mowll, a functional medicine doctor who specializes in diabetes, to see what we can do. He’s got me on a 21 day gut cleanse and I must say its going rather well! I’m checking my blood sugar several times a day and they’re getting better everyday! You can see this in my Daily Activity Log along with the foods I’m eating and the exercising I’m doing. I didn’t want to add pics of the food I’m eating otherwise the post would be cumbersome. So here we go:

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  1. Is there a vegan cleanz?

    • Well. the protein powder I’m using contains pea, rice and hemp proteins. So nothing on the animal side of things. Then the rest of your meals would be what you usually eat, so I guess that would be Vegan! I eat Primally, but this one doesn’t allow beef or pork on the menu. So that would be no problem for you! Good luck!

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