Join Chef Harry’s Primal Cooking Challenge!

Harry Olson
I have been eating Primal since July of 2014 and in that time have lost 70 lbs. I also got off my high blood pressure meds and my Type II Diabetes meds! 80% of your success in being Primal is found in the foods you eat! I’ll show you the foods I’ve eaten with video recipes over the course of a 21 day challenge course that I just finished! Check it out at!


  1. Hi,

    Just read you story on Mark’s Daily Apple.

    Nice to see you spreading the good news :).

    John – Concord, NH

    • Thanks John! When I talk to customers in my restaurant I can almost see the disbelief on their faces as I tell them I ate HIGH FAT, low carb to lose the weight. If I put a “Primal” special on the menu, some will ask for the Prime Rib! Mark and his disciples spreading the word! 🙂

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