Liver Health

Ever think about your liver? Unless you’re having problems, probably not. I remember checking onto a resort hotel way back. I was started to put on the pounds from food AND drink. My wife was doing all the talking at the front desk and I was just looking around the lobby. Then all of a sudden a severe, sharp pain in the right side of my chest just under my rib cage caught my attention. It wasn’t a heart attack, cause it was on the right side. It felt like I was being slowly stabbed with a ice pick. It went on for a while, but subsided. It was the start of our vacation, so I didn’t say anything. When I got back home, I went to the doctor. He ordered an ultrasound of the liver and I was diagnosed with fatty liver disease. What can I do about it? “Lose weight” was all that was said. Well, I tried and yo yo’d around for at least 10 years. I’d get a pain every now and then, but nothing like that first one. When I switched to eating a Primal/Paleo diet the weight started to come off. I’ve lost 70 pounds, but I still have quite a bit of belly fat and visceral fat. Got to lose some more weight! I had a brother die of liver cancer and a friend of mine has just been diagnosed with liver cancer. Click on this link for a good article about liver health. By the way eating liver is good for the liver!

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