Easy, Delicious Cream Cheese Omelet

Easy, Delicious Cream Cheese Omelet

I love a good omelet, and eggs, and breakfast, and I love smoked salmon! Its all coming together in this dish!

I’ve been making this omelet a long, long time. It goes all the way back to the early 90s when my wife and I took a trip to France. We stayed at a Chateau somewhere around Bordeaux. I was attending a cooking school for a week and this was one of the meals we cooked to feed the hungry students, me included. The fresh chives just cut from the garden added fantastic flavor and aroma. The cream cheese is rich and the smoked salmon wasn’t bad either. The soft poached eggs added another layer of texture and flavor with the runny yolks working their magic. All I need is blue skies and sunshine when I make this omelet here in Arizona and I’m transported back to that moment in the Chateau’s garden when I took my firstĀ  bite!

Wait, wait…. OK! Let’s get to it!

Check out all the details with pics by clicking this link to Harry’s Primal Foods.


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