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Most of the weight loss success I’ve had by going Primal is directly related to the foods I eat! So I’ve created a 21 Day Primal Food Challenge that’s hosted on and you can check out the latest challenge by clicking on this link. There’s 21 days of recipes and videos, and a lot of pictures and information too. What’s nice about challenges on Vimify is that all the participants can ask questions, post pictures and get help not only from me, your coach, but also from each other! Its a great support community! Here’s what people are saying about this challenge:

  • Laurel says, “This was a great class for me! I am not a very imaginative cook and can easily get into a rut. Now I have a whole new group of recipes to enjoy! Also without trying I have lost 2 lbs and stay fuller longer. If you ever do a follow up class with different recipes, count me in. Thank you for everything!
  • Christine says, “Loved this challenge! Learned a ton, and got inspired to learn more about primal. I really liked the “prep for tomorrow” segments, as a good reminder of what’s coming up the next day. Loved that on some days we had multiple options along the lines of teaching us a technique! And that not every recipe was a super involved complete meal – there was good balance in the challenge. Thanks Harry!!
  • Allison says, “Yummy. This challenge has taught me some easy and decadent culinary skills. It’s easy to stay primal with such an artillery of awesomeness. Lots of the dishes are now mainstays in this home.
  • Christine also says, “Thank you for a wonderful challenge!! I’ve tried a lot of new things, got a lot of inspiration from you and the other challengers, and a super introduction to Primal. I’ve learned some great info in the past 3 weeks, and picked up some new habits to carry forward. Thanks for being such a great coach!

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