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Captain’s Log – Day 17 – Success, I’m getting younger!

Captain Keto Summary 1/4/16 Comments: After I weighed in this morning my bioelectric impedance scale says my body age is now 79! Down from 80, so I’m getting younger! Yeah baby! Feeling real good, but drank too much coffee today! No more for the rest of the week. Tomorrow: Back to …

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Captain Keto’s Log – Day 16, Eating Good in the Neighborhood!

Summary 1/3/16 Comments: Yep, had some Surf and Turf for dinner, a salad before that, an omelet for lunch and a protein shake for dinne. I finished the day off with a strawberry smoothie made with heavy cream, coconut milk and almonds. Not sweet, but still tasty! I’ve been cutting …

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Captain Keto’s Log – Sunday, Game Day, Oops!

Summary 12/27/15 Comments: Ok, did pretty good considering it was Christmas Week! No drinks Friday at the relative’s Christmas party on Friday. But a couple of drinks watching football on Sunday. Yeah, cardinals crushed the Packers! Tomorrow: Get back on track! This week: Pretty good! This Month: Really good! Wins: …

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Captain Keto’s Log – The day after Christmas… Not Bad!

Summary 12/26/15 Comments: Stayed overnight at relatives in Phoenix. Had one terrible leg cramp in the night! On the drive back there was an 8 mile long, bumper to bumper traffic jam, crazy wind blowing tumbleweeds across the road, plus gas was getting low, stressful! Tomorrow: Sunday is game day! …

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