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Doing a Gut Cleanse, Here’s What I’m Eating

My blood sugar has been great since I’ve gone Primal, but it could be better. So I signed up with Dr. Mowll, a functional medicine doctor who specializes in diabetes, to see what we can do. He’s got me on a 21 day gut cleanse and I must say its …

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Captain’s Log – Day 17 – Success, I’m getting younger!

Captain Keto Summary 1/4/16 Comments: After I weighed in this morning my bioelectric impedance scale says my body age is now 79! Down from 80, so I’m getting younger! Yeah baby! Feeling real good, but drank too much coffee today! No more for the rest of the week. Tomorrow: Back to …

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Captain Keto’s Log – Day 16, Eating Good in the Neighborhood!

Summary 1/3/16 Comments: Yep, had some Surf and Turf for dinner, a salad before that, an omelet for lunch and a protein shake for dinne. I finished the day off with a strawberry smoothie made with heavy cream, coconut milk and almonds. Not sweet, but still tasty! I’ve been cutting …

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Captain Keto’s Log – Monday, Back on Track!

Summary 12/28/15 Comments: Alrighty then! Back on track, jack! Ate Primal, drank water all day. Had a nutri-bullet meal of a ground up carrot, some celery and a granny smith apple, thinned it out with some home brewed kombucha! 70 min walk around town, more than 10,000 steps today. Put …

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Captain Keto’s Log – Day 5, Surf and Turf!

Summary 12/21/15 Comments: Enjoyed the food! Who doesn’t like Lobster and Prime Rib with Asparagus and lots of butter? My first meal of the day was Sauteed Prosciutto with peppers, Onions and tomatoes with two fries eggs. And that wasn’t bad either! Plus I lost some weight! Lots of energy, …

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